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Foxview Intermediate School

Be the I in Kind (there is a student standing against a giant
Be the I in Kind (there is a student standing against a giant
Be the I in Kind (there is a student standing against a giant
Running Club Celebration
Running club celebration!
The Hope Squad!
Ruedinger and Doyle's classes celebrating hard work at Paul's Pantry
Ready for Launch!
Kids enjoying Earth Week outside!
our awesome tour guides
The Rohde/Van Rens Clan!
bingo celebration
Kids choosing kindness

Latest News

Student Engagement Survey

The survey is designed to measure a student's engagement in both their school work and school community. It will provide our District with important information. Please see the attached for additional details.

Technology Resources for Parents

The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction has recently compiled a great deal of information to help parents navigate their children’s use of technology. The following link will connect parents and guardians with information about social media use, The American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines for screen time limits, internet safety information, as well as many valuable links to additional resources. There is even a 30-minute interactive e-course, “Interact!”, which provides adults tools to discuss online safety issues with their children.

The Best Digital Citizens

Raising kids in the digital age requires parents and educators to help our students become the best digital citizens they can be. In an effort to offer valuable tips and tools that may help you navigate your child’s digital world, we will be sharing a variety of articles, resources, and videos via our weekly online messenger. One excellent resource is . The website is the nation’s leading nonprofit organization committed to helping families with the ups and downs of raising kids in the digital age. The following video is a great reminder for adults and kids regarding how to use technology in the best way possible.

Upcoming Events

Our Mission

Our community strives to be caring citizens, who help each other feel respected, safe, and successful as we learn together.