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Foxview Intermediate School

forensics chilling out an eating pizza
learning about the Aztecs
Hope Squad meeting
soundtrap projects
Accepting an award from the Packers Foundation
a student enjoying their choice read
The hour of cardboard!
at city hall
at the fire truck

Latest News

Cyber Safety

Throughout February and March, Officer Gladwell and Mrs. Marquis will be spending time with students to present a lesson about technology use. Some important topics that the presentation will cover include: Cyber safety, what it means to have a positive online reputation, and technology addiction. Officer Gladwell will discuss important safety issues regarding what students need to be aware of when they use online games, apps, and websites.

Summer School 2019

Summer School Online Registration Opens Tuesday, April 2 Plans are underway for the 2019 Unified School District of De Pere Summer School program. The regular Summer School session will run from Friday, June 14th through Wednesday, July 3rd.

The Best Digital Citizens

Raising kids in the digital age requires parents and educators to help our students become the best digital citizens they can be. In an effort to offer valuable tips and tools that may help you navigate your child’s digital world, we will be sharing a variety of articles, resources, and videos via our weekly online messenger. One excellent resource is . The website is the nation’s leading nonprofit organization committed to helping families with the ups and downs of raising kids in the digital age. The following video is a great reminder for adults and kids regarding how to use technology in the best way possible.

Upcoming Events

Our Mission

Our community strives to be caring citizens, who help each other feel respected, safe, and successful as we learn together.