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Continuous Improvement Goals

Foxview School Improvement Goals 2022-23


We will deliver balanced literacy instruction using the Gradual Release of Responsibility framework to develop critical reading, writing, speaking, listening and language skills with all students. Progress will be measured on Vocabulary Acquisition and Use Anchor Language Standards 5.2/6.2 and 5.3/6.3 (see below). Our instructional focus is on the strategies students need to solve and understand unfamiliar words and the transfer of those strategies to independent literacy tasks.

  • Anchor Standard L2: Determine or clarify the meaning of unknown and multiple-meaning words and phrases in grade level reading and content, use context clues, analyze meaningful word parts, and apply word solving strategies (for meaning) as appropriate.

  • Anchor Standard L3: Demonstrate an understanding of figurative language, word relationships, and nuances in word meanings.

  • Anchor Standard L4: Demonstrate an ability to collaboratively and independently build vocabulary knowledge when encountering unknown words including cultural, general academic, and discipline-specific terms and phrases; use vocabulary appropriate to the context and situation.

5th and 6th grade students will meet grade level proficiency measured by the Foxview Reading Benchmark Assessment (with proficient reader attributes): 1) Uses context clues, 2) Analyzes meaningful word parts, 3) Interprets figurative language and word nuances, 4) Applies word solving strategies for meaning) with a 3 out of 4 on each subsection on the end of year benchmark assessment or demonstrate an overall growth of 150% from the fall to spring benchmark assessment by June, 2023.

Math Continuous Improvement

The students at Foxview experience math in a culture that uses highly effective and standards-aligned resources to develop and grow students as mathematicians and problem-solvers.  In a rigorous learning environment, the students think critically, make sense of mathematical ideas, and reason mathematically in order to solve real-world problems.  Students are active learners, constructing their knowledge of mathematics through exploration, discussion, and reflection. With teachers as facilitators, students engage in meaningful learning through individual and collaborative experiences.

5th and 6th grade students will achieve their individualized growth goal as measured by the iReady benchmark screening assessment by June, 2023. Additionally, students two or more levels below as measured by the iReady benchmark screening assessment in September 2022 will reach their individualized stretch goal on the spring iReady benchmark screening assessment by June, 2023.

Student Engagement Continuous Improvement

We will continue to implement PBIS and the Foxview Voyageur Way through our equitable Multi-Level System of Support (MLSS).    We will teach, model, and reinforce expected behaviors and skills  in all settings, as well as utilize data to select and implement specific  interventions, so that all students are connected and successful at Foxview. 

  • Address bullying and harassment through universal SEL instruction, inclusive classroom communities, and consistent behavior response so that less than 10% of students report incidents on student surveys.

  • Optimize Tier II systems so that students who meet entry criteria have access to support and intervention including:  CICO, SAIG, Mentoring, individual behavior plans, attendance monitoring, food backpack, etc. 

  • Continue to incorporate SEL, including self-regulation and other grade band competencies , into universal instruction with 100% of  teachers and students participating on a weekly basis.

  • Improve student connections and representation, according to the annual Student Survey, by decreasing the  15-20%  of students reporting no connection to staff at all.