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Bullying Info

Foxview Bullying Info

Our community strives to be caring citizens who help one another feel respected, safe and successful as we learn together. As part of this mission we continue to make ongoing efforts to reduce bullying at Foxview. Although nearly all students report that they feel safe at Foxview, bullying can and does occur and is often damaging for students, especially pre-teens. We have used data collected in recent surveys, current research and best practice, as well as observations of the current climate at Foxview to learn more about the problem of bullying and solutions.

Bullying has been identified as words or actions that are intentional, repeated, and meant to harm.. A bully uses his or her strength or influence to threaten or hurt someone who lacks the same power. We encourage students to report incidents of bullying so that an adult can intervene. Parents are encouraged to assist their children in completing the form if they are experiencing bullying.

It is our hope and goal that Foxview’s efforts to reduce bullying will ensure that all students, parents, and staff are, to quote our mission statement, “…Successful and safe as we learn together” at Foxview.